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Easiest and smartest way to pay utility bills

At Ideation Recharge Services, we also offer quick and easy Bill Payment services. You can venture into the business of online Bill Payments giving customers the ease of paying electricity, landline, gas, insurance and other utility bills effortlessly. We offer those online services that have great demand among customers—these are people from all walks of life who deal in purchase, recharges and bill payments for the utility services they exercise. Instead of standing in long queues and waiting for their turn, customers can conveniently pay their bills through your online business.

We are constantly working on increasing our network by adding more operators and providers who deal in mobile, electricity, landline, gas and insurance bill payments online. By offering this business through our services, you will be able to cater customers in all the major cities of India.

For all the bills paid online we have a secure system that ensures authentication of every transaction. Our platform is built upon the latest technology and we have undertaken all possible measures to give you the best services. While setting up this business, retailers don’t require any technical expertise or incur any additional costs and infrastructural investments. We take care of all these aspects giving you the opportunity to solely focus on Bill Payments among other offered services. Ideation Recharge Services literally makes these services available on your fingertips. This gives both the business and customers a smooth platform to deal with their utility bills.

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