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Attract more customers through our cutting edge retail partnership

Existing entrepreneurs would now avail benefit of integrating our enormously successful business model into their daily operations. Retail outlet owners would now be able to pull in more customers through Ideation Recharge Services cutting edge retail partnership where they get prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility bill payments (electricity, landline, gas, insurance), domestic money transfer. Our electronic transaction processing system facilitates easy administration and management of all the services and help propagate your retail outlet as a single window multi services outlet. Your business will be transformed to truly represent ‘any operator, any time, any value’ adage that joys your customers by having all the utility services available under one roof.

As a retailer, you may want 100% secure, safe, and reliable setup to run your own mobile recharge business. With one of the best cost to value ratio, Ideation Recharge Services will be your ideal partner for a successful business. We provide a superior recharge platform for all types of recharge, bill pay and money transfer needs – mobile recharge, dth recharge, datacard recharge, domestic money transfer, postpaid, landline, electricity, gas, insurance and others utility bills. The responsive website works equally well on mobiles and laptops and ensures anywhere, anytime access to your retailer wallet and thus be assured of a firm control over your business operations.

By using Ideation Recharge Services, retailers can avail of the following benefits:

  • Helps you simply add-on to your current business portfolio, add exponentially to your customer base in this way prompting a profitable venture.
  • Facilitates your entry into the ever-increasing ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment) technological sphere, with highest number of service providers under one roof.
  • Provide convenience to your customers with a single-window system for a wide range of recharge, utility bill payment or money transfer services.
  • Ideation Recharge Services system provides a clear and real-time reporting environment for effective work process management.
  • With us, you can enable good stock keeping. You need not be troubled about under-stocking or over-stocking of various SKUs of different providers.
  • Any loss due to miscalculation or improper record keeping is taken care of with our fully automated system. The precise record keeping lets you focus on customer servicing and increasing customer footfalls. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction when they interact with your recharge center.
  • 24x7 retailer and specialized support from Ideation Recharge Services to help work out your technical queries.
  • With electronic storage of recharge denominations, there is no requirement for stock-keeping or shelf-space requirement, in this way diminishing youraw3 cost of operations and prevent chances of theft or fraud.
  • No need to keep up high-denomination PINs. You can simply use our system for the desired-denomination PIN and we will ensure that you can avail of it readily.
  • Your business requisite of ssociating with end-customers for their online instant recharge/bill payments can be effectively manages through Ideation Recharge Services software and service offerings.
  • Retailers in both urban and rural areas can use the interface without the fear of technology barrier affecting their work. It works on all mobile networks and GPRS and WAP systems, thus providing 24 x 7 x 365 uptime of services.
  • With real-time data updates, you remain constantly up-to-date about the transactions happening at your store for all types of operations - mobile recharge, utility bill payment, DTH, and money transfer.

At Ideation Recharge Services, you get a one-stop shop solution to set up, configure, and run your own recharge business. With a single wallet, transparency and access, and user friendly interface, you can depend on Ideation Recharge Services for your retailer business.

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