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Profitable venture to maximize your returns and generate high income

In order to enable wider outreach and broader coverage of our services, we at Ideation Recharge Services are looking for dynamic entrepreneurs who want to step up their game and enter a lucrative distributorship business opportunity. Avail of better ROI in your business as compared to other FMCG products. Our easy to manage system enables you to conveniently monitor and keep track of the sub merchants under your network, provides up-to-date book keeping and precise accounting system. These advantages thusly, gives you more opportunity to focus on generating more business and leave the bothers of daily operations to our automated software system.

Ideation Recharge Services is always vigilant for yearning ambitious businessmen who think beyond practical boundaries and willing to join our Pan-India network and become a business partner with us. By converging with Ideation Recharge Services active monitoring software tool, you can get rid of the bothers of accounting, monitoring and avail of 24x7 technical support. So, if you aim to own a lucrative technological business in prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility bill payments (electricity, landline, gas, insurance), domestic money transfer distribution.

As a new age distributor of our services and solutions, you get to play a bigger role in our success and be rewarded for it. The ‘low investment, high returns’ is an attractive plus point that makes us a preferred provider for your distributorship business. Check out the below advantages when you start a distribution business for Ideation Recharge Services:

  • The dynamics of current government regulations mean that digital and online payments is going to grow significantly. Why don’t you tap into this beneficial environment and partner with Ideation Recharge to build a sustainable business for yourself? There will be absolutely no problems of split up of your territory as you continue to scale up in the near future and grow your business.
  • Considerable commissions on your association with Ideation Recharge Services
  • Allows you to expand and grow your existing business line and enhance your product portfolio
  • Ideal partnership opportunity for a work-from-home entrepreneur
  • You can utilize your local network to enhance your productivity efficiently and exponentially add to your revenue network
  • Ideation Recharge Services will work as an interactive work management/monitoring system to help reduce book-keeping overheads and chances of fraud
  • Reduces inventory dependence and augment sales, efficiency and turnover
  • Achieve a competitive advantage with an enhanced product line that brings you good revenues
  • We ensure that you operate your business with a firm control. Right from IT infrastructure support to technical support, we are there for you to assist you to improve your business performance to an optimum level.
  • Our expertise in mobile/ data card recharge, DTH/ utility bill pay, postpaid bill payment, and money transfer facilities is what makes us at Ideation Recharge a sensible business proposition to go with and commence your own distributorship venture in your territory.

With our growing Pan-India presence, it makes a winning combination to connect with Ideation Recharge Services. So, if you are starting out to work your way to becoming a successful techno-preneur, or simply make your on-going business more beneficial and productive, we offer the below opportunities for you:

  • Territorial Distributors: You can enter into an uncharted territory for distributing our product/service offerings to local retailers
  • Modern Trade Chains: You can make use of innovative and technologically relevant trade supply chains to expand your existing business-line
  • Corporate Retailers: You can also grow your network with corporate and conglomerates and avail of group servicing that leads to economies of scale and increased turnover
  • Home-Based entrepreneurs: You can work from the comforts of your home and help in compelling and productive service/product-line distribution in association with Ideation Recharge Services that will help enhance your earning
  • API Partners: Avail of the advantages of tying up with third-party technological providers through Application Program Interface (API) providers

Ideation Recharge Services offer the most reliable utilty services that incorporate all features like prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility bill payments (electricity, landline, gas, insurance), domestic money transfer etc. We at Ideation Recharge Services offer various business models that includes the model of recharge distribution and retailer membership as well.

We are here to offer simple and innovative solutions for making distributorship business an easier thing to manage. You will be able to deliver premium quality services to all your consumers with the backend support from our experts in the field. The utility services distribution by us are exceedingly reliable, secure and scalable to address the issues of all your growing consumers.

Ideation Recharge Services distribution a simple, compelling and effective way to empower end to end daily utility services. Ideation Recharge Services helps you get rid of all bothers related to prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility bill payments (electricity, landline, gas, insurance), domestic money transfer. Our electronic transaction processing system is unique, powerful and boon to both distributors as well as retailers.

The services provided by Ideation Recharge Services are backed by a group of experts with great reputation and most extreme commitment. Hence, you can rest assured of our flawless services that will help you bring in new consumers in no time. With our distribution platform, you can prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility bill payments (electricity, landline, gas, insurance), domestic money transfer anytime round the clock. You never need to stress over running out of your balance with Ideation Recharge Services at your side.

Create a distributor account with Ideation Recharge Services and let your journey of accomplishment start. Ideation Recharge Services allow you to make unlimited retailers under your distributor account in your distribution channel with us. You can set up a flat/ customized margin for all retailers who are listed under you whether it is for prepaid recharges (mobile, dth, datacard), utility bill payments (electricity, landline, gas, insurance), domestic money transfer.

We at Ideation Recharge Services are here to joyfully help you in starting up your utility services business and making your business grow. We offer you with best in class services and a variety of reliable options to choose from. Growing up your business with Ideation Recharge Services is an experience in itself. We are prepared to help you in the most ideal ways and help you and your business to develop smoothly.

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