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We live in a digital era where all the physical platforms are now going the online route. Earlier, to transfer money or any similar bank related activity, one had to personally go to the bank, wait for turn and often return due to delays. However, today life has become extremely instant. Ideation Recharge Services invests on this trend and offers you the business of online Domestic Money Transfer. With a highly secure, technically sound and immediate platform, you can offer these services to customers helping them overcome their woes.

Our domestic money transfer service is the fastest way to send money from your account to another. These transactions are carried through National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) and Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) technology that ensure payments within seconds. All money transfer transactions are carried under the guidelines of RBI. These technologies are widely used and are the safest means to transfer money retail, distribution, api, white label program are reasons that make us at Ideation Recharge Services a good idea to start and run a great money transfer business.

A customer can transfer money within the same bank as theirs or add beneficiary and transfer to an account with a different bank. While the NEFT technology used allows you to transfer money during the RBI hours and workdays, IMPS transactions can be made 24x7 and even on bank holidays and Sundays. With these two alternatives, customers can be assured to have a payment gateway that is suitable and available to them when needed. Starting a Domestic Money Transfer business with us gives you a fully functional and technical setup, where all you need is a brand identity. Once you have your label in place and finalised your service area, you can start your business adding endless customers to your network.

  • IMPS: Instant Fund Transfer technology empowers instant fund transfer to any bank anytime (24×7) including Sunday or bank holidays.
  • NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer under RBI, which settles NEFT transactions in India as batch wise and works only on working day and hours of RBI
  • Easy, Safe and Secure: You simply need to reach any nearest retailer instead of searching or waiting for queue. Retailers can assist in transfer money instantly to the beneficiary.
  • Save your time: You can approach your retailer as per your convenience or call him for assistance. You can spare your valuable time and not to ponder for looking bank.

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